If this is something you haven’t considered for a while then now is the perfect time take a look at your current point of sale and refrigeration and think about whether making some changes could boost sales.

The position and display of soft drinks within a store or outlet as well as ensuring drinks are properly chilled so they can be enjoyed immediately can have a huge impact on sales.

POS for coca cola
PET Rack (H1500xW400xD4200 mm)
coca cola bin
Pro-Bin (H780xW478xD418 mm)
POS for coca cola
Flexicube (H1600xW520xD520 mm)
did you know coca cola

18% of soft drink purchases are impulse buys.

increase soft drink sales

By placing soft drinks refrigeration near the checkout you could increase soft drink sales by 27%.

soft drink coolers

Soft drinks are in the top 3 for impulse purchases.

impulse purchases

21% of impulse purchases are made based on temptation from visibility so ensuring soft drinks are visible, well displayed and look appealing can make a huge difference to sales.

chilled products

78% of single serve items such as individual cans and individual sized drinks bottles are bought for immediate consumption so ensuring your stock is chilled is essential.

Coca Cola offers a range of branded coolers for displaying their soft drinks

Costs start at £1,420. This may seem like a significant investment but when you consider that their new range of coolers are energy efficient, this makes them great value. According to Coca Cola their new CCEP range of drinks fridges could save a business £1,686.88 a year on energy compared to running an older drinks fridge.

Combine the energy savings with the potential improvement in sales and the branded fridges offer a great opportunity.

Choose from double door, single door or a checkout version. The refrigeration units are available to purchase direct from Coca Cola.

Some qualifying businesses may even be entitled to a cooler free of charge based on their sales of the Coca Cola products. Contact us for much information.

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