Cadbury launches 30% less sugar bar
By Rebecca - 1 year ago

Cadbury launches 30% less sugar bar

Published on: August 29, 2019

Good news for chocolate lovers who are concerned about their sugar intake. Cadbury has launched a new chocolate bar with 30% less sugar.

cadbury 30% less sugar chocolate bar

According to Cadbury the bar has been in development for two years with their team of scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers working together to develop a chocolate bar that still delivers on taste and texture despite the reduced levels of sugar.

Amazingly they’ve succeeded in developing Cadbury Dairy Milk with 30% less sugar.  The chocolate doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners and there is no increase in calories. They achieved this by replacing the physical functionality of sugar with fibre, preserving the structure of the chocolate and the unique texture of Cadbury Dairy Milk!

The challenge with creating a new recipe for any established family favourite is the risk of disappointing loyal customers. However, Cadbury have carried out extensive consumer research and testing and have already received positive feedback on the new product.

We’re expecting the bars to be extremely popular as more and more people are looking for lower sugar alternatives which still offer them a treat without compromising on taste.

If you are interested in making sure you offer the 30% less sugar bar on your shelves next to the original Dairy Milk then get in touch today to place an order.