Cadbury launches new Darkmilk chocolate bar with nostalgic TV adverts
By Rebecca - 5 months ago

Cadbury launches new Darkmilk chocolate bar with nostalgic TV adverts

Published on: May 13, 2019

Following its launch in 2018, Cadbury has recently unveiled its tv advert to promote its Darkmilk range. Aimed predominantly at an ‘adult’ audience, the advert features iconic 80s stars to create nostalgia for consumers.

Cadburys Darkmilk

What is Cadbury Darkmilk?

With a higher cocoa content than its Dairy Milk range, Cadbury Darkmilk was launched in the UK in September 2018, answering consumer demand for ‘pure’ chocolate. Containing 40% cocoa solids, as opposed to Dairy Milk which contains 23%, Darkmilk offers consumers a more ‘grown-up taste’, acting as an alternative to their purely dark chocolate alternative, Bourneville. This is the first entirely new chocolate bar created by the confectionery giant in over 20 years.

Released first in Australia, sales for Darkmilk soared, with a reported $18m in its first year. Now on the shelves in the UK, the Darkmilk range will come in traditional plain, roasted almond and salted caramel flavours.

Promoting Darkmilk

In order to appeal to more adult taste buds, last week Cadbury released nostalgic television adverts, featuring 80s stars, Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde who both reminisce about times gone by, and unveil the new chocolate bar as chocolate made specifically for those that remember the mullets, the big weddings and are no longer ‘kids in America or anywhere else’. Take a look at both adverts below:

Alongside the adverts, viewers will also be treated to a number of short films on social and digital channels which will use ‘behind the scenes footage’ from the tv advert shoot, showing younger members of the crew failing to recognising the iconic stars.

As one of the leading chocolate brands, Cadbury has great expectations for this tasty new chocolate bar and so do we. If you are looking to stock Darkmilk in your business contact the Forrest Fresh Foods team today.