Forrest to showcase at the Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission to China
By Rebecca - 1 year ago

Forrest to showcase at the Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission to China

Published on: November 8, 2019

From the 11th to 15th November, members of the Forrest team will be travelling to China to showcase exclusive products on behalf of the Department of International Trade Mission to Hotel Food China.

Northern Powerhouse Mission to FHC

This extraordinary opportunity will see Forrest join fellow businesses to explore exporting opportunities in what is the largest grocery market in the world. With the UK food and drink market seen by Chinese consumers as quality and safe, as well as recognised for its provenance and heritage, our mission with the Northern Powerhouse could lead to great things for the Forrest brand.

The Food Hotel China event that we will be attending is run in association with ProWine China, Dairy China, Beer China, Tea and Coffee China, Meat China and Fresh Produce China, much of which we are well accustomed to exporting and supplying.

What is the Northern Powerhouse?

Comprising of Northern cities including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle, the Northern Powerhouse boasts some of the UKs leading freight, logistics and transport links, exporting from this region accounts for £54 billion worth of exported goods each year and boasts some of the most sought-after products across the grocery and fresh food markets.

The Department for International Trade

The DIT supports companies within the UK that are operating on an international scale, helping them to improve their knowledge, partnerships and realise their potential in overseas markets.

Forrest’s exporting service has been hugely popular with businesses throughout the globe since it was introduced last year. In just the first few months Forrest was carrying out nearly £1 million worth of exporting per month, and this number has been growing ever since.

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