The new Cadbury Orange Twirl
By Rebecca - 11 months ago

The new Cadbury Orange Twirl

Published on: October 24, 2019

Chocolate orange lovers everywhere celebrated last month after it was announced that Cadbury’s would soon launch the Cadbury Orange Twirl.

Cadbury Orange Twirl

This limited-edition bar hit the shelves on 23rd September, available in their usual 43g bars. Like its traditional version, the new bar will contain flaky milk chocolate, surrounded by a layer of milk chocolate (with that extra orange twist).

With 24% of single confectionery sales now attributed to flavoured confectionery, the new bar will entice consumers across the UK, particularly those with a sweet-tooth for confectionery items such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Already released in Australia and New Zealand, the Orange Twirl has been a huge success, with figures showing that 52% of shoppers have bought into the new flavour of this favourite bar alone.

The history of Cadbury Twirl

Introduced into the UK market in the 1970s, the Twirl was created for Cadbury Flake lovers to enjoy without the crumbling texture of the fan-favourite. Popularity has soared over the years, now boasting the title of one of the brand’s best-selling chocolate bars. Take look at a classic ad for the bar below:

Since its release consumers have raced to shops to pick up this delicious new treat, with many shops selling out quickly (and consumers quick to air their frustration on social media). Make sure your shop doesn’t sell out of this extremely popular new chocolate bar, contact Forrest Fresh Foods today to place your order.