Anthony Joshua features in campaign for new Lucozade Fruit Punch
By Rebecca - 5 months ago

Anthony Joshua features in campaign for new Lucozade Fruit Punch

Published on: May 23, 2019

This month, Lucozade has unveiled its newest product, Fruit Punch, and has continued its long-standing partnership with heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua to promote the new soft drink.

Lucozade Sport Fruit Punch

Apple and raspberry flavoured, Lucozade’s Fruit Punch has been given eye-catching packaging with a gold cap, prominently featuring an image of Anthony Joshua with his very own motto ‘stay humble’, the inspiration behind the product’s launch campaign.

As the brand’s biggest ever flavour launch, the marketing campaign has seen Anthony Joshua take a hands-on approach to promoting the delicious new drink in his home town of Watford. In each of the adverts released, AJ can be seen by pasting the adverts on billboards himself, handling deliveries, surprising customers in shops as they choose their drink and giving runners, walkers and even croquet players in the park a taste of the new product. Take a look at one of the adverts below:

With over 90 years of soft drink experience behind it, the Lucozade brand is a worldwide favourite amongst consumers. Originally marketed as an energy drink for those that were ill, it was re-marketed in 1983 as a sports drink, due to the fact many associated it with health rather than illness.

Over the years the brand has gone through even more changes, with new flavours, ranges, reformulated products following the sugar tax in 2018, and much more, but its popularity continues to grow year on year.

Fruit Punch is a further addition to Lucozade’s range of drinks aimed at the fitness industry, joining Fitwater as part of its ‘made to move’ ethos.

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