Beverage trends for 2019
By Rebecca - 6 months ago

Beverage trends for 2019

Published on: January 9, 2019

The soft drinks industry is ever-evolving to meet the demands of consumers and 2019 looks set to be no different. With new products and variants entering the market each month, as well as developments in recipes, packaging and marketing of soft drinks to suit consumer lifestyles and government regulations, we are taking a look at the top four trends we expect to see in 2019 for the beverage industry.

beverage trends

Premium drinks

Premium soft drinks flourished in 2018, with a number of brands, including Schweppes’ 1783 range, launching these popular drinks into the market to complement their existing products. Alongside attractive packaging, premium drinks introduce a variety of flavours for consumers, particularly those enjoying them as mixers with an alcoholic drink. Cucumber tonic water, ginger ale and pink grapefruit tonic, are just some of the premium flavours that brands offered last year, and we expect to see the popularity of these beverages continue to rise and expand in 2019.

Healthy alternatives

With the introduction of the sugar tax levy last April soft drink manufacturers across the globe were forced to reconsider their drinks with high sugar contents. For many, recipes were amended to ensure they were exempt from the levy, others raised their prices and even more invested in the development of ‘healthier’ drinks ranges. We expect this development to continue well into 2019 and beyond, as consumers seek to find beverages that satisfy their cravings without the impact on their health.

Multivitamin energy drinks

Consumers seeking healthier alternatives are also on the lookout for drinks that can add further nutritional value into their diet, and therefore we expect to see a dramatic rise in the number of multivitamin drinks on the market in the next twelve months. Leading multivitamin drinks brand, Purdey’s, enjoyed vast popularity in 2018 due to not only its tasty drinks range, but also a clever advertising strategy featuring Idris Elba.


This year we will see a push by brands across all industries to ensure their products are more sustainable, due to ever increasing pressure on the environment. A number of soft drink manufacturers have, in fact, set out detailed plans for eliminating plastic packaging waste from products by 2030, an ambitious plan which we expect to see put in motion over the coming months.

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