Introducing Ribena Frusions
By Rebecca - 11 months ago

Introducing Ribena Frusions

Published on: June 11, 2019

Ribena has recently launched a new range of infused, blackcurrant water drinks called Ribena Frusions.

The market for enhanced water drinks or water infusions has been growing steadily and Ribena’s new range will tap into the demand from health-conscious adults for tasty, hydrating drinks.

Ribena Frusion

The Ribena Frusions range is created from still water gently infused with real fruits and botanicals which are then blended with Ribena’s trademark blackcurrant juice resulting in a tasty refreshing drink perfect for spring and summer.

There are four flavours available in the new range:

> Blackcurrant water infused with kiwi

> Blackcurrant water infused with lemon peel

> Blackcurrant water infused with blueberry

> Blackcurrant water infused with elderflower

All flavours are available in 1L bottles and the kiwi and blueberry flavours are also available in 420ml bottles.

Low in calories, (depending on flavour the drinks contain just 46-48 calories per 250ml) and with no artificial sweeteners the drinks are delicately flavoured, refreshing and contain vitamin C so will appeal to the health-conscious consumer.

Ribena are promoting the new range with a campaign which includes TV advertising, out-of-home, sampling and in-store promotion.  With such a great product, the well known Ribena brand and a significant marketing campaign from Ribena already underway, we’re expecting demand for the Frusions range to be high.

If you are interested in stocking this new range for the summer then get in touch to place an order today.