Lucozade’s new campaign encourages us to ‘spark something’
By Rebecca - 11 months ago

Lucozade’s new campaign encourages us to ‘spark something’

Published on: May 30, 2019

Lucozade Energy has launched its brand-new £10m campaign, promoting its range of popular soft drinks, with an inspirational message behind it that encourages consumers to ‘spark something’.

Lucozade spark something

Above all, the new campaign highlights the importance of positivity and the impact this can have, the brand has said of positive energy featuring heavily in its campaign: ‘It’s taking charge and looking forward. It’s about being optimistic and doing. It’s about keeping it real. Staying true to yourself. It infects, it inspires and it radiates.’

This significant advertising investment comes as a result of a recent boost in sales for the Lucozade brand, with sales increasing by 12% over the past few months, largely attributed to a number of delicious new flavours added to the product range including Watermelon and Strawberry, and the most recent addition of Lucozade Fruit Punch.

The campaign itself, promoting the brand’s energy drink range, shows a vinyl record being passed across generations, thereby highlighting ‘music’s power to spark connections’. It will be seen across television, outdoor, social, digital and in-store platforms, running through to September and amounting to an astounding £10 million spend. Take a look at the advert below:

As one of the chosen suppliers of the Lucozade brand, we couldn’t be more excited to see the tremendous sales growth that the brand is currently experiencing, and we are proud to be distributing their newest products as well as existing consumer favourites.

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