Pepsi Max launches new delicious raspberry flavour
By Rebecca - 3 months ago

Pepsi Max launches new delicious raspberry flavour

Published on: March 27, 2019

The 18th March saw the launch of Pepsi Max’s newest product, Pepsi Max Raspberry, capitalising on the ever-increasing popularity amongst consumers for raspberry flavoured, low sugar soft drinks, which are growing at a rate of 22%.

Pepsi max raspberry

This new product launch follows the significant success of the brand’s Ginger and Cherry range, with the portfolio of flavoured beverages accounting for an astounding £80.5 million in sales since their launch.

Research carried out by the brand has revealed that 61% of consumers were choosing the brand over competitors during its ‘Taste Challenge’ last summer, with value sales growing 25% year on year.

History of Pepsi Max

Making its debut in 1993, Pepsi Max was first introduced in Australia, UK and Italy, before rapidly growing in popularity and by the end of 1995 Pepsi Max was sold in more than 40 countries.

The first flavoured variant of Pepsi Max came in 2005 with Pepsi Max Twist, which came with a hint of lemon and lime. Over the years, and in various countries Pepsi Max has been sold in many different flavours, including, coffee, cool lemon, vanilla, apple and mint, but the true standouts and favourites amongst consumers has been Ginger and Cherry flavours.

As raspberry flavoured beverages have already proven to be immensely popular with consumers, Pepsi Max Raspberry looks set to be extremely successful within the sugar free soft drink market.

Wholesale Pepsi Max Raspberry

Pepsi Max Raspberry will be available in a variety of sizes including, 330ml cans, 500ml price-marked bottles, 600ml bottles, 1.5 litre bottles and 2 litre bottles.

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