Forrest wins exclusive distribution deal for Sunkist
By carys - 3 months ago

Forrest wins exclusive distribution deal for Sunkist

Published on: August 8, 2019

Remember Sunkist? Well the iconic brand is back. We’re absolutely thrilled to confirm we’ve won the contract for an exclusive distribution partnership with Nichols Plc to launch and sell ‘Sunkist’ in the UK. This means the fizzy drink, which perfectly encapsulates summer, will soon be appearing on retailer’s shelves across the UK.

Sunkist distributor

Sunkist started life as a fizzy, orange drink but the range now includes different flavours. In addition to orange we will also be distributing summer fruits, lemon and tropical flavoured Sunkist.

Sunkist hasn’t been widely available in the UK in recent years but as it has a brand that is so strong many will recognise it. As a significant American brand, it has been seen in a wide variety of shows from One Tree Hill to Mad Men and it even featured in Gremlins 2. Previous advertising campaigns using the Beach Boys feel good hit “Good Vibrations” make it a brand that is really recognisable and has stuck in people’s minds.

It has consistently been the most popular orange fizzy drink in the United States over the years and we’re confident it will be just as popular in the UK. We’ll also be exporting the range so our overseas customers can benefit too.

The Sunkist range will be available from Forrest Fresh Foods from August 2019. We’re expecting demand to be high so if you are interested in being amongst the first to stock Sunkist then get in touch.