Preparing your shop for Brexit
By Rebecca - 9 months ago

Preparing your shop for Brexit

Published on: January 6, 2020

As we near the Brexit deadline of 31st January, many businesses are still relatively in the dark as to how they will be affected following our exit from the EU. None more so than the retail industry, who often rely on the import of goods from EU countries for a proportion of their stock.

Preparing stores for Brexit

As a result of this, industry groups and wholesalers have warned independent retailers to ensure that they have adequate stock levels for the coming weeks, to ensure they are not negatively impacted should there be ‘panic buying’ or ‘food shortages’ within the UK come Brexit.

Core ambient products are on the warning list, which includes items such as bottled water, canned goods (e.g. baked beans and soup), tea, juice concentrates and pet food. One expert believes that fresh product lines could become unavailable, leading to more and more consumers opting for canned and frozen goods.

Stocking up on popular products that have a long date range and that do not fall into a specific seasonal range will prove to be an effective tactic for retailers to avoid any stock issues. This is of particular importance as we draw near to Easter, as consumers will soon be on the lookout for seasonal products, which could be impacted by Brexit.

Experts go on to warn, however, that retailers must take into account cash flow and storage conditions prior to incurring additional costs to their typical orders. With a Brexit deal still up in the air, the extent to which retailers will need to prepare remains fairly unknown.

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