Spending on pet presents this festive season
By Rebecca - 12 months ago

Spending on pet presents this festive season

Published on: December 5, 2019

For the majority of us, Christmas represents the opportunity to spend valuable time with family, and for countless people worldwide, family includes their much beloved pets.

pet spend at christmas

Invariably, including pets in our festive celebrations also means including them in your Christmas present list. The pet care market around the festive period is booming. Last year alone dog owners in the UK spent an astounding £213,743,179 on presents for their pet.

Whether it is festive treats, outfits or toys, pet owners are flocking to shops to pick up a gift for their furry friends. A recent survey found that 30% would spend more on presents for their dog than they would for their partner. Dog and cat owners in Brighton spend the most on their pets, with an average spend of £24.30, followed closely by Sheffield and London. 83% of respondents even go as far as to wrap the presents.

With more and more consumers flocking to shops each year to purchase gifts for their pets, we expect the figure of £213 million to rise again this year. As a result of this, it is vital that you ensure your business is fully stocked with the most popular items currently on the market.

With a wide variety of both dog and cat gift options, from treats to toys, our pet care range is one of our most popular wholesale categories. To receive a quote for your seasonal pet care requirements and to place your order, contact the team at Forrest Fresh Foods today.